Wednesday, May 5, 2010


‘Punch and Judy, how utterly amazing. Hats off, two thumbs up. The kids went mad for all of the exquisitely made up puppets, the classic theatre set up and traditional story makes this an absolute must. I know it is a kids show but there were more of us adults than kids and I think we were making more noise. If you want to see Punch and Judy at it's best surrounded by all the colourful characters than this one is for you. Everyone should see Punch and Judy at least once in their life-time and this is by far the best. Spellbinding.’                                         *****
By Heidi Kinsey           Funny Tonne/  Melbourne Comedy Festival

 ‘Anarchy, violence, rudeness, sausage-stealing crocodiles and good old-fashioned puppets-whacking-other-puppets-with-sticks action  … what’s NOT to like? Alternately hilarious and horrifying, Ken Harper’s wonderful Punch & Judy show takes us to the heart of darkness that lies at the heart of all great family entertainment.’

By Andy Griffiths, Author

‘Dominic and I loved the show. As soon as we got home Dom put on his own Whacking Show with my precious Indonesian puppets and a half a dozen socks, and now has been asking me to draw life-sized Punch and Judy characters all week. The Devil and Death are his favourites - with Mr Punch coming a close third. He has also had the brochure by the side of his bed all week.’

By Sally Rippin, Author

‘I thought I'd like to say Thank You for the terrific Punch and Judy Show at the Northcote Town Hall yesterday. I loved the way the children got involved, and I must say we adults enjoyed shouting out too!’

Kaye Cole, Mother

‘A beautifully presented booth and puppets that were 'easy to read' combined with a well-rehearsed show made for an excellent afternoon.’

Sean Kinsey            The Australian Puppeteer’

‘Punch and Friends’ was a wonderful introduction to the world of puppetry. The show culminates with a manic, mischievious and unadulterated Punch and Judy show. I would Highly recommend this performance to other libraries and schools.
Stephen Spillard              Dandenong  Regional Library, Victoria

Year 10 student, Genazzano College Melbourne

 ‘The show was offered as a lunch-time activity.( for years 7-12) I think it worked well. The viewing area was full and the students laughed out loud and  called out. The interaction was wonderful to see.I thought the traditional look of the theatre itself and the puppets was extraordinary It was a fun end to Book Week.’
Susan La Marca  Librarian, Genazzano College, Victoria

‘Students loved it!  They want to see it again.  Very amusing, and great to see all ‘PC’ thrown out the window’
Robin Mc Greevy,  Yrs 2/3/4 Damla College, W.A

‘Great Show!Very interesting about how puppets work.  Very interactive with student responses and our children particularly loved the way  the puppetry was linked to their (Turkish) culture.
Tara Horkings,  Yrs 5/6 Damla College , W.A