Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Writing Activities for ‘Punch and Judy’

Year level Suggestions For Topics and Activities, created using suggestions from Dianne Edwards and Sophia Sabatier, literacy consultants with Australian Independent Schools of Western Australia ( AISWA)

Years 1-3
  • Recount of the visit
  • Description of a character in P&J.
  • What sayings and phrases are repeated in the play
Years 4-5
  • Descriptions of the different puppets in P&J
  • Recount of the story
  • Write a new funny story using the characters and plot of Punch and Judy: For Example: Judy goes Shopping, Joey meets the Crocodile in the Kitchen, Mr Punch’s Breakfast, Punch and Judy’s Wedding, The Devil plans to capture Mr Punch

Years 5-8
  • Review of the show including : recount; description of two characters; opinion.
  • Research the puppetry of one country. (Indonesia, Eastern Europe, Turkey, India, England, Italy, China, Japan, or Vietnam etc.) Present in a multi-modal form, poster or written report

Years 7-10

Years 8 -12
  • Consider the role of ‘The Villain’ in stories. Describe some villains in films or other stories. what motivates them? Essay or report.
  • Research a history of Punch and Judy: Commedia Dell’ Arte (Pulcinello)>English Pantomime> Punch as puppet in street shows> addition of Judy.
  • Write a different show for Mr Punch using the same characters.
Cross Curriculum links

Religion and Life
  • Discuss links between puppetry and religions, especially in Indonesia, Bali, and India.
Design and Technology
  • Puppetry in film and television. Students research a film or TV show which uses puppet techniques. Examples: Sesame Street, Labyrinth, The Fantastic Mr Fox, Mary and Max,
  • Research different styles of puppetry: how are they made and operated?
  • Make a puppet http://www.teacherhelp.org/puppets.htm
  • Design and Construct: sock puppets, shadow puppets , rod(stick) puppets
Civics and Citizenship
  • What did Mr Punch do that is not permitted in Australia?